About Us

Oh Hi There! Thanks for visiting my Blog Cute Koala Kisses.
I began this blog after receiving  fabulous feedback from the koala videos I have uploaded on YouTube.
It made me realise how spoilt and  very lucky I am to live amongst the wildlife I do. For me seeing koalas is a very normal weekly occurrence but for others, it means a trip to the zoo.
So my aim here at Cute Koala is to share my place with you, where ever in the world you are!

I live with My Husband Chris (who features in the videos) and our cat Molly in The Adelaide Hills South Australia. We are on the edge of national park where a band of koalas make their habitat.

It is a very pretty place in the workd (Well, I think so!) but it can also be harsh and dangerous with droughts, fires and brown snakes throughout the warmer months.
It is in drought  where we get the koala encounters, so we set up water stations for not only koalas, but lizards and birds.
We look forward having you 'drop by'!
Alicia & Chris x x


  1. I really love this blog, please continue updating! :)

    1. Thanks for the support! I'm glad you enjoy it!

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  3. You two are so supportive of the wildlife there in Australia! It's so inspiring and beautiful since koalas struggle both in their habitat to find a home and due to the urbanization.