Tuesday 25 June 2013

Thirsty Koala Features in WWF 2 Degrees Project!

The 2 Degrees Project is a new WWF initiative that will help show (in degrees of separation) just how close Australia is to climate change. It is the first of its kind ever conducted.
By connecting to the 2 Degrees Project - to tell and share compelling climate change stories, you will be taking part in the first project that aims to show that every Australian is, at most, two degrees away from climate change.
Some people think climate change is an issue threatening polar bears or impacting other people in other parts of the world. But scientists have found that it is happening here in Australia and it is happening now.
Some people also think it’s too hard or too late to act. But it’s not! Australia has the solutions, the resources, skills and knowhow to solve this problem. - WWF 2 Degrees Project

Read our Koala story here!
WWF 2 Degrees Project

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