Wednesday 31 July 2013

Springtime & Koala Poop

These mornings I'm sporting a beanie and gloves when heading out for my walk, the Winter mornings are Frrresh.

Lately I have been noticing more Koalas in trees, which can mean only one thing for this small 4 street suburb, and that is warmer weather is just around the corner and so are the Koalas. I'm not quite sure where they all go in winter - maybe down to the gully, but they start appearing back in our trees at the beginning of Spring.
This morning I came across two 'balled up' Koalas, they too are feeling the cold. In cooler weather they huddle up to a perfect round ball shape balancing in between branches.  In Summer they 'unfold' and it is not unusual to find them laying back on a branch fully stretched out. Their balancing acts are astonishing!

There is an easy way to know if if there is a Koala in an above tree, and that is to look down - yes, down. You see what goes up must come down, including droppings, and when a koala has found a nice spot, it will stay there and eat, sleep and poop often producing a patch of poop near the base of a tree. This is what led me to the koala sightings this morning...

 The yellowish splodges are poop that has been walked on...

And now something  else yellow - but pretty! Here is a lovely flowering wattle...

Warming Hugs x x

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