Saturday 10 August 2013

Winter In The Hills

We had  such a beautiful clear Winter's day today so I thought I'd share it with you!
17 Degrees C clear skies - just beautiful. The Almond blossoms are out, Yellow wattles are everywhere -there is  certainly change of Season in the air.  My morning walks are suddenly  filled with the sounds of koala 'grunts'  kookaburras and Chortling magpies (Who are busing themselves with nest building).

Thought I'd share this day with you, I hope you enjoy! x x

If you are wondering what a Magpie Chortle sounds like, click this.. Australian Magpie

Nawww, Love is in the air!


Late afternoon relax

Early Morning..

'Myrtle' Loving the  sun warmed dirt!

Hi There, I am comfy, how about you down there?
'Morialta' 5 km away, lunch time watching the abseilers

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