Sunday 11 August 2013

Smart Little Things

Poor Koalas don't get a fair go, They are often referred to as 'lazy' 'stoned' or 'dopey' but since living amongst them for 6 years I have learned that they can be very active and fast moving, and sometimes quite genius.
Here are some amazing things I've seen:

  • Watching a koala jump from the top of one tree 20ft high up over to to another tree as if it were an acrobat.
  • Koala candidly trying to fit through our cat door to get to molly's bowl of water.
  • A koala strolls into our cool garage on a hot summer's day
  • One  casually sitting in our neighbour's  shallow water feature to cool down
  • A group of koalas drinking from a broken mains water on our street
  • A distressed Koala 'knocks' on our window for help  (true story)
  •  And check out this cute video (By Mari Cari) where a Mum koala helps out her scared little bub!

Enjoy! x

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