Saturday 16 November 2013

Bush Walks & Baby Animals

We are having some beautiful weather here in The Adelaide Hills, its November and the days are sunny and  not too hot 20C to 30C most days, and loads of wildlife everywhere, life is good!

Apart from koalas we have the occasional visit from Echidnas, kookaburras and sometimes the not so cute Brown Snake!

With all this lovely weather I have been out and about, and as promised now that the weather has warmed up the neighbourhood is alive with wildlife!

I was on an evening walk and came across this koala, who was also on a walk - check out the footage, and hang around to the 50 second mark....

A walk through the Cleland National park almost always guarantees a koala or kangaroo sighting (kangaroos especially in the early mornings).  Here are some pics of late. Enjoy!

Joey Suckling

Native Bottlebrush


Can you spot the Blue Fairy Wren? So precious!

A Paddock Down The Road

View from top of Mt. Lofty (looking over Cleland and our place, with Adelaide in the distance).

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