Sunday 9 February 2014

Toby The Koala Just Wants To Cuddle

My routine through summer is to water both front and back gardens morning and night. It is very relaxing - especially in the front yard as I get a lovely view of the sun setting.

It was Saturday evening - 6pm and still a killer 40 degrees C outside, I had been watering for some time. Birds were flying into the freshly saturated shrubs to drink the life saving water droplets beading down from them. This is when My Husband Chris spotted a teeny koala climbing down a tree. Birds were not the only critters to get in on the Saturday night drinks!

We offered (Toby) an ice cream tub filled with water. It wasn't a surprise to learn that Toby did not know what to do. This would have been his first Summer / drought and probably has never had to actually drink water from a rock pool or stream before (evident though his breathing in water drinking style!) He would have had sufficient hydration from the huge amounts of gum leaves he eats, but when the days are in the 40s tree leaves dry up.

Chris had to dip his fingers into the water and then gently dab his mouth. He started to lick the water and was finally drinking straight from the tub like a pro!

He couldn't get enough, he even held a tight grip to the water tub. Chris went inside to make a call to Fauna Rescue, (as we wanted to check if he was too young to be on his own), meanwhile Toby and I shared a special few moments. It was strange because here was this adorable, soft, small but WILD creature who seemed to want to cling / hug / climb up me! What do you do? Cuddle of course and then show them a nice tree to climb :)
Toby was OK to be on his own, and he spent the next day in the trees out front. We left the water out for him.

Enjoy x

Teaching a Koala To Drink

Koala Wants A Cuddle

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